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EA3000 Series of CHNS-O
Embracing Simplicity

EA3000 Series of CHNS-O - Embracing Simplicity
TurboFlash Combustion Technology

The patented TurboFlash Combustion Technology syncronizes sample admission with pressurized Oxygen injection independently from Helium carrier gas flow rate ensuring complete combustion and quantitative results.

Quick configuration

Quick configuration changes from CHNS, CHN, CN, to Oxygen determination in few simple user friendly steps, facing any kind of samples needs and reducing run time.

High Speed Chromatography

EuroVector High Speed Chromatography separate gas peaks to baseline cutting down analysis time at an unbeatable 5 minutes, saving Helium and granting much higher number of analyses per day.

Callidus SW

Callidus SW, acquires data from the EA via USB connection and provides Element% results through Linear Regression calibration, by true chromatographic peaks integration from each sample analysis.

Supersensitive TCD Technology

Supersensitive TCD Technology allows measurements from low ppm traces up to 100% on all elements, granting linearity and perfect stability.

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EuroVector design, manufacture and sell Elemental Analysers for Stand Alone applications, including Protein Analyser, as well as instrumentation dedicated to IRMS. We are committed to excellence in CHNS-O analysis through continuous innovation and generation of new products.

Based on solid technologies, we are showing advanced performances as a new dimension in Elemental Analysis. Designed for simplicity, EuroVector provide confidence in accurate results no matter what the sample.

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